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17thc. Madras trading post - the origin of the city of Chennai.

India has a population of 1.38 billion people, and many different cultures and languages. The ALTO program is situated in the city of Chennai in the south east of the country located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, and has a population of 11 million - India's 5th largest city. Chennai was originally a trading post known as Madras - the shortened name of a fishing village Madraspatnam - established in the 17th century by the British East India Company. The modern-day city is the capital of the State of Tamil Nadu. Summers are hot - the record temperature is 113F (34C) - the same temperature as ALTO headquarters in Davis, US, in 2021!

21st century Chennai. Traditional Art, Music, Dance, and Architecture

Tanjore painting, Brihadishvara Temple ceiling, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.

Ravi Shankar And His Daughter Anoushka Playing Sitar

'Raga' is a melodic framework for improvisation:

Music & Dance Originating In Tamil Nadu

Ashtalakshmi Kovil Hindu Temple, Chennai.

Traditional style houses, Tamil Nadu.

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