Why Music Tutoring Programs?

Why does the music tutoring program model work? What sets ALTO apart? Learn more about...

How music tutoring programs benefit young students

Provides an affordable outlet for young students to receive private music instruction. All of the benefits of private lessons - such as personalized instruction and pacing - for free or a heavily discounted price! Serves low income students who may have no other way to learn music or receive one-on-one instruction. Allows younger students to learn more about the high school music program and the later stages of their musical life such as youth ensembles and music camps. Provides a fun, educational outlet for young students to interact with high school musicians.

How music tutoring programs benefit tutors

Provides an outlet for high school musicians to help younger students in their school, school district, or community. Tutors can inspire their students and pass on their knowledge, skills, and experiences. Provides an opportunity for high school musicians to run their own organization. Allows high school musicians to give back to the community that raised them. Provides a great way to gain real world experience and invaluable leadership experience. Offers a great way to earn side income or earn volunteer hours through tutoring or running the program.

How music tutoring programs benefit schools, school music programs & school districts

Builds a top-down, multigrade community of students. The younger generations are inspired by the older students, who will in turn stick to the music program and later serve as leaders to inspire the next generation. Increases participant numbers and retention rates for the music program. Young students are inspired by their tutors and more informed about the high school music program, leading to more interest in continuing music through high school. Helps avoid getting budget cuts for the music program, thanks to increased enrollment. Helps revitalize interest in the music program amidst the pandemic. Tutoring can start online and transition to in person as the pandemic dies down, giving students hope and something new to look forward to for the coming months and years.

How music tutoring programs benefit the surrounding community

Helps foster and grow the community's involvement in music and the arts. Offers an outlet for young students in the community to receive private music instruction. Offers more business to professional private teachers. Many of the tutoring program students will "graduate" eventually and will look for a professional teacher to continue their musical journey. Helps build musical unity across multiple schools and grades of students.

It is important to note that tutoring programs do not aim to replace or directly compete with professional music teachers. Rather, tutoring programs aim to fill the gaps between professional private instruction and school music programs. Music tutoring programs can serve students interested in trying private lessons by being a stepping stone to professional lessons, can serve students who cannot afford private lessons through free tutoring, can serve students who want supplemental instruction along with their private lessons, and can serve students who do not have private teachers in their area through accessible, online instruction.