Our Impact

While run independently of each other, all of our tutoring programs are committed to deeply impacting the local schools and communities they serve.  With most schools reopening this fall, our programs are working to help reinvigorate discouraged school and community music programs to work towards building a better, post-pandemic future for music. Our dedicated high school student leaders (Program Coordinators), music directors, school administrators, community organization leaders, and the ALTO Team are all committed to building tutoring programs that serve everyone in each local community - high school musicians, younger students, music teachers, school/community music programs - and ensuring that each program will continue to grow and better serve its community for many years to come. 

26 tutoring programs

  • Programs based in CA, TX, NY, NJ, MA, MI, MD, WI, IN, MP, BC, ON, six Japanese prefectures, Serbia, India, Norway, and South Korea

  • Led by 80 Program Coordinators (high school student leaders)

500+ schools served, long-term 

  • Increased retention and participation rates across dozens of high school music programs

  • Hundreds of underserved students provided with free lessons and scholarships

  • Working with dozens of advisors including school music directors, principals, nonprofit directors, professors, and community members to ensures this impact continues year after year 

20,000+ lessons offered

  • 1,500+ students impacted

  • Taught by 400+ dedicated high school tutors

  • Over $1.2 million worth of lessons offered

  • All lessons taught on a consistent, weekly schedule

$50,000+ raised to support schools and community organizations

  • Six tutoring programs have held dedicated fundraising events, including performances, to raise funds for their school music programs, community organizations, and partner nonprofits

  • Four tutoring programs and dozens of students have been supported through ALTO's need-based grants program 

20+ events held

  • Dedicated ALTO events held including masterclasses, lectures, and social events, racking in over 120 participants  

  • Tutor Training Sessions held by ALTO and individual tutoring programs

  • Other events including fundraisers, concerts, recitals, gig performances, contests, social events, and workshops held by individual tutoring programs