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ALTO Grants Program

Is your tutoring program in need of funding? Are there students in your program unable to afford sheet music, music stands, and other supplies? Does your program serve many students from low income families? If so, your tutoring program may be eligible to receive funding or non-financial items such as sheet music and instrument accessories. If your program would like to make a request, please fill out this form and we will get back to you soon.


Product Discounts

All ALTO Program tutors, students, and Program Coordinators are eligible to receive significant discounts on musical products sold by our sponsors such as instruments, music stands, sheet music, accessories, tuners, metronomes, cases, and instrument stands!

Click on the yellow button below to receive the promo code. This promo code is the same for all products. Once you have received the promo code, click on the company logo to access their product catalogue. Enter the promo code when you proceed to checkout. 

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Music stands of all types, iPad stands, instrument stands, microphone stands, lighting stands, speaker stands, and performance accessories

ANFREE instrument bags, swabs, and fanny packs

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