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Our weekly blog series dedicated to exploring the world of early music for all instrument groups refering to Western music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras (500 to 1750).

Upcoming Events

  • Virtual Spring Concert
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    May 01, 4:30 PM PDT
    Join us on YouTube!
  • TBD
    Masterclass with Madeleine Mitchell
    TBD (expected mid-March)


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To bring accessible and quality music education to young students around the nation by providing high school musicians with the necessary resources, consulting, and access to a national network to build strong, local music-mentorship communities.

Our Core Values


  • To provide each student an opportunity to reach their musical dreams and aspirations, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

  • To give local schools and communities a new, quality outlet for music education

Unity & Networking

  • To bring musical unity to local schools and communities

  • To create and maintain a strong support network for leaders to help each other

  • To bring students together through nationwide events and performances


  • To build strong, responsible leaders who actively advance their communities and the world

  • To enable students to serve their communities as founders and leaders

  • To give high school students an opportunity to mentor and guide young students


  • To always be transparent and accountable

  • To maintain utmost levels of punctuality and professionalism

  • To commit to responsible stewardship

  • To strictly adhere to our anti-discrimination policy

Sponsors & Partners

ALTO gratefully acknowledges our invaluable sponsors and partners for their generous support and contribution. If you would like to sponsor our organization, please contact us at




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