ALTO music tutoring

Building strong music mentorship communities worldwide.

Our Programs

  • 18,000+ lessons provided

  • 1,200+ participants worldwide

  • 20 programs in 9 U.S. states and territories, 2 Canadian provinces, and 3 other countries

Our Mission

The American League of Tutoring Organizations (ALTO) is an international, youth-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing accessible and quality music education to young students around the world. We aim to fulfill this by providing high school musicians and their music directors with the necessary resources, consulting, and global network to start and manage student-led music tutoring programs in their school or community.


Each music tutoring program offers free or reduced rate private lessons taught by high school tutors to elementary and middle school students in the surrounding area. Each program is run by local high school musicians and is established to foster long term musical unity and growth within the school district or community it serves. 

To further enrich our tutors and students' musical growth, ALTO also offers worldwide events such as masterclasses, virtual concerts, workshops, seminars, and social events. As schools begin to reopen, we are working to offer in person workshops and events locally in each community we serve. 


Upcoming Events

  • Tutor Training Session - July 2021
    Zoom session
    Jul 25, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM PDT
    Zoom session
    Registration will open at the end of May. Visit our TTS page for more information.
  • Virtual Summer Concert
    Join us on Youtube!
    Aug 12, 4:30 PM PDT
    Join us on Youtube!
    Symphony No. 6 "Pastoral" in F major, Op. 68, 5th Movement by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • TBD
    Q&A session with actress Kelley Jakle
    July 2021 - exact date is TBD
    Join us in an exclusive Q&A session with Hollywood actress and singer-songwriter Kelley Jakle. Kelley played the role of Jessica Smith in the Pitch Perfect series and has been in several other movies and TV shows. More info will be announced in June.

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Our Services

  • For Programs, Program Coordinators​, and Music Directors​

    • Consultation:​​​

      • Zoom consultation meetings

      • 24-48 hour response to all questions

      • Weekly check ins

    • Resources: 

      • Access to the latest version of the ALTO Model Documents

      • Access to a suite of supplemental resources including documents, spreadsheets, videos, modules, and templates

    • Marketing & PR:

      • Social media posts and story reposts

      • Appearance on Programs Indexes

      • Eligibility to be featured in a Program Showcase

    • Grants & Certification:

      • Funding and non-financial donations through the ALTO Grants Program

      • PVSA community service hours for all Program Coordinators 

    • Premium Services (paid): 

      • Logo, social media posts, and website designs (click here for more information)

  • For Tutors and Students

    • Events & Performances: 

      • Worldwide virtual concerts

      • Masterclasses, lectures, interviews (Q&A sessions), and workshops with world-class musicians

      • Social events and game nights

    • Grants: 

      • Discounted music products from our sponsors

      • Periodic product giveaways through the ALTO Grants Program

    • Certification:

      • PVSA community service hours for volunteer tutors

      • Tutor Training Sessions (incurs a small fee, fee waivers available)

    • Publications: 

      • Access to our music blogs, Newsletter, and Musician's Corner interviews

      • Participation in compiling our Newsletter

We offer all of the services below for FREE unless otherwise designated

Our Core Values


  • To bring musical unity to local schools and communities

  • To create and maintain a strong support network for leaders to help each other

  • To bring students together through nationwide events and performances


  • To build strong, responsible leaders who actively advance their communities and the world

  • To enable students to serve their communities as founders and leaders

  • To give high school students an opportunity to mentor and guide young students


  • To always be transparent and accountable

  • To maintain utmost levels of punctuality and professionalism

  • To commit to responsible stewardship

  • To strictly adhere to our anti-discrimination policy

Unity & Networking

  • To provide each student an opportunity to reach their musical dreams and aspirations, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

  • To give local schools and communities a new, quality outlet for music education


Our Sponsors

ALTO gratefully acknowledges our invaluable sponsors for their generous support and contribution. If you would like to sponsor our organization, please contact us!

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